Are We On the Brink of Total Social Collapse?

Survival 101: America is in DANGER - Are You Ready?

INTRODUCTION: Survival is the ability to stay alive and escape danger. America is in DANGER, and several of America's allies are also in DANGER. Are you ready for what might happen next? Full Story

Survival Gear

The Top 10 Survival Gear: Real Life-Saving Survival Tools ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

Top 10 Survival Gear

The survival gear that makes this list might surprise you. Effectiveness, ease of use, "Survival Power" and finally the price all play a factor. If our nation collapses or catastrophic disaster strikes, what gear will you have on hand?
18 Essential Items for Your Get Home Bag

Get Home Bag

Why your family (especially kids) each need a thoroughly packed Get Home Bag. Disasters, rioting, and looting can unfold at anytime -- what to do and what to carry in your Get Home Bag when the objective of the day is to survive.

What's New in Survival?

(NEW) How to Survive A U.S. Government Collapse

How to Survive A U.S. Government Collapse

'Designated Survivor' Becomes New President and Dies in Second Terrorist Attack. What would America look like without ANY leadership? Just how extensive would a government collapse reach?
(NEW) How the Left is Openly Destroying America ... and Why Trump Can't Save Us

Nuclear Attack on America

Can America rise? Only After a Second Civil War. How Did We Get Here? ... And How to Survive What's Coming.
(NEW) U.S. Army Ranger Airborne Combat Medics: Apocalypse Trauma Aid and Medical Kits, Post-Collapse

Apocalypse Trauma First Aid and Medicine: Lessons from Army Airborne Combat Medics

Army Airborne Combat Medics share first hand tips on providing medicine and emergency combat medical aid in a post apocalypse environment. Includes life-saving tips for common life-threatening and traumatic injuries as well as recommendations for combat ready medical supplies.
10 Low-Cost Home Defense Tactics You Can Implement Today

10 Low-Cost Home Defense Tactics

Civil unrest can create a wave of violent crime and home invasion robberies. Here are 10 low cost home defense tactics you can implement right now to protect your family and preps.

Top 5 Doomsday Preps for "Sheltering in Place"

Top 5 Doomsday Preps for Sheltering in Place

Food Shortages, civil unrest ... It's coming. How to get started on serious prepping and be a lot better prepared for catastrophic events when they strike.
Top 10 Deadly Events Where "Fight or Flight" Can Save Your Life

Fight or Flight: Survival Fitness

Following an apocalyptic disaster, here's a frightening look at ten terrible, yet LIKELY events we need to get ready to run from (if we're still here that is). If you're not quick on your feet, good news from the world of fitness ... here's how you can get more fit at any age.
3 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons That Can Save Your Life

3 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons That Can Save Your Life

Not everyone carries a firearm; also, guns aren't allowed in gun-free zones; finally, children can't carry guns. This is when you need non-lethal self defense weapons that can paralyze, blind, or injure an attacker -- even a terrorist.
Top 7 Reasons for Bugging Out from Economic Collapse or Catastrophic Disaster

Top 7 Reasons for Bugging Out

Think you're safe out in the surburbs? Think again. A major disaster including a wave of homegrown terrorists with chemical bombs will make several regions dangerous places to live. Major universities, government buildings, shopping malls, business districts, police stations ... these are some of the first areas likely to be hit and if you live ANYWHERE nearby where winds can carry toxic smoke you better have a plan for bugging out.
How Crucial is a Bug Out Bag? Critical Supplies You Need to Bug Out from Economic Collapse or Catastrophic Disaster

Bug Out Bag Critical Supplies

Critical supplies and several bug out tactics for your vehicle and your Bug Out Bag both.
Top 10 Two Way Radios for Your Family Survival Plan

Top 10 Best Two Way Radios

What are the top two way radios to outfit your family with before social chaos? Terrorists with apocalyptic intentions are obsessed with the West's destruction. Scientists warn that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will wipe out the grid and leave us in a post-apocalyptic world. Two way radios may be the only way to reach family and close friends: Share news. Share warnings. Find each other ...
Is Your Family Safe from Home Invasion? How to Safeguard Your Home from Intruders

DIY Home Security: Safeguard Your Home from Intruders

Civil emergencies and post collapse crime will mean break-ins, robberies, hostage taking, rapes and murders. Here are several DIY home security safeguards and tips to have in place before a true civil emergency.

21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

Do you have the survival skills to survive in a post-collapse world with no police, no laws, and no government? Here are 21 survival skills to learn now ... as well as several ways to apply these skills ... when all Hell breaks loose.
ISIS and Radical Islam: Why the Worst Is Still To Come

ISIS and Radical Islam: How to Survive the Next Deadly Terrorist Attack

There is terror across Europe, there is terror across the world. How to survive the next deadly terrorist attack and why Paris is just the beginning. The worst is still to come.
10 Ways to Fool the Authorities and Escape Martial Law

How to Escape Martial Law - Fool the Authorities

Martial Law under a government with bad intentions can have devastating consequences. Here are 10 ways to fool the authorities and escape with your life and family.

If Catastrophic Disaster Devastated Your Nation or Community, Would You Survive?
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American Sleeper Cells: The Butchers Next Door

American Sleeper Cells

American Sleeper Cells are forming as the phenomenon of Islamic Jihad spreads it's propaganda in a grass roots move to seduce young adults and America's disenfranchised ... that is the first wave. Murder and butchering will be the next wave. And the FBI can't stop it?
The Top 10 Survival Recipes from the Backwoods

Top 10 Survival Recipes

Surviving in a post apocalypse? Lost in the backwoods? Survivalists, poor families, native tribes, and mountain men from past decades experienced the ease of bagging critters that you can sometimes catch right in your own backyard and have over a fire in no time. Here are 10 tasty critters in no particular order ...
E-Tool: 10 Surprising Things You Can Do With An Army Shovel to Survive

10 Things You Can Do With An Army Shovel to Survive

Hide from trackers in the forest with a shallow trench dug in just minutes ... a last resort weapon when you've run out of bullets ... Here are several things you can do with an Army shovel and why modern day militaries that include Russian commandos train soldiers in the effective use of an "entrenching tool."
Top 10 Supplies to Scavenge in a Post Apocalypse

Where will you go for fuel, supplies, water, weapons and food after your own supplies run out?

How to Survive a Russian Invasion of the United States

How to Survive a Russian Invasion

A nightmare scenario from the Cold War finally unfolds. Year 2018. Russia invades the United States, decimating cities, seizing soft targets and critical infrastructure. Think you're safe out in the countryside? Not if you live near one of these "10 soft targets of strategic importance" that may be crucial to a Russian take-over.
The Best Emergency Food Methods For Keeping Your Family Alive

Best Emergency Foods

A second catastrophe promises to follow in the foot steps of a first -- it's a catastrophic food shortage. The time to prepare for that is now.

15 Insects You Can Eat to Survive ... and HOW

Edible insects and eating insects for survival

Which insects can be eaten? In survival it turns out there are many species of edible insects including 3 "creatures" that are not insects but a food source still the same. It's too bad no one told the Donner Party ...