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Emergency Supplies and Survival Skills for Total Social Collapse



Are We On the Brink of Total Social Collapse?

Survival 101: How to Survive Total Social Collapse and the End of Civilization As We Know It

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What's New in Survival?

American Sleeper Cells: The Butchers Next Door

American Sleeper Cells

American Sleeper Cells are forming as the phenomenon of Islamic Jihad spreads it's propaganda in a grass roots move to seduce young adults and America's disenfranchised ... that is the first wave. Murder and butchering will be the next wave. And the FBI can't stop it?
The Top 10 Survival Recipes from the Backwoods

Top 10 Survival Recipes

Surviving in a post apocalypse? Lost in the backwoods? Survivalists, poor families, native tribes, and mountain men from past decades experienced the ease of bagging critters that you can sometimes catch right in your own backyard and have over a fire in no time. Here are 10 tasty critters in no particular order ...
The Top 15 Primitive Weapons for the Apocalypse

Primitive Weapons

Updated for 2016. If terrorist attacks, a solar flare, or other widespread disaster destroy our nation's power grid and knock us back to the 1800s, how would we survive? Primitive weapons may be the answer.
E-Tool: 10 Surprising Things You Can Do With An Army Shovel to Survive

10 Things You Can Do With An Army Shovel to Survive

Hide from trackers in the forest with a shallow trench dug in just minutes ... a last resort weapon when you've run out of bullets ... Here are several things you can do with an Army shovel and why modern day militaries that include Russian commandos train soldiers in the effective use of an "entrenching tool."
Survival Swimming Navy SEAL Combat Swim Stroke: Finding Food and Shelter, Losing Pursuers

Survival Swimming Navy Seal Combat Swim Stroke

If swimming is a tool for the Navy SEALS, shouldn't you know WHY ... and How? Swimming can help you find food. Swimming can help you find shelter. Swimming can help you lose pursuers and evade enemy forces. Included: Survival "swim jackets" that help the elderly, children, and newbie swimmers swim easier and safer, even long distances.
How to Be A Hero and Stop a Terrorist Attack ... as it Unfolds

How to Be a Hero and Stop a Terrorist Attack

What began as an ordinary day has just taken an unexpected turn for the worst as a terrorist attack unfolds around you ... have the guts and smarts to try and save the day? How to be a hero and take out a terrorist.
Self Defense in a Crises: Taking Out an Attacker Using Combat Secrets from Krav Maga and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

Self Defense in a Crises

Fight expert Matt Numrich lays out several key principles from Krav Maga and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do that you can start using today to transform your ability to defend yourself. He has trained members of multiple branches of the armed forces, including officers in the ATF and soldiers in the Army and Navy.
Civil Emergencies and DIY Home Security: Safeguard Your Home from Intruders

DIY Home Security: Safeguard Your Home from Intruders

Civil emergencies and post collapse crime will mean break-ins, thefts, kidnappings, hostage taking, rapes and murder will be an ever-present threat to many. Here are several DIY home security safeguards to have in place before a true civil emergency.
21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

Do you have the survival skills to survive in a post-collapse world with no police, no laws, and no government? Here are 21 survival skills to learn now ... as well as several ways to apply these skills ... when all Hell breaks loose.
ISIS and Radical Islam: Why the Worst Is Still To Come

ISIS and Radical Islam: How to Survive the Next Deadly Terrorist Attack

There is terror across Europe, there is terror across the world. How to survive the next deadly terrorist attack and why Paris is just the beginning. The worst is still to come.
Surviving the Collapse - The Best Emergency Food Methods For Keeping Your Family Alive

Best Emergency Foods

A second catastrophe promises to follow in the foot steps of a first -- it's a catastrophic food shortage. The time to prepare for that is now.
10 Ways to Fool the Authorities and Escape Martial Law

How to Escape Martial Law - Fool the Authorities

Martial Law under a government with bad intentions can have devastating consequences. Here are 10 ways to fool the authorities and escape with your life and family.
Top 10 Supplies to Scavenge in a Post Apocalypse

Where will you go for fuel, supplies, water, weapons and food after your own supplies run out?

How to Survive a Russian Invasion of the United States

A nightmare scenario from the Cold War finally unfolds. Year 2017. Russia invades the United States, decimating cities, seizing soft targets and critical infrastructure. Think you're safe out in the countryside? Not if you live near one of these "10 soft targets of strategic importance" that may be crucial to a Russian take-over.

How to Evade and Escape Tracking Dogs

How to Evade and Escape Tracking Dogs

Updated for 2015. Knowing how to escape tracking dogs can help you escape martial law, hard life in a political prison or concentration camp, or even interrogation and torture during a time of war.
How to Survive Without Pharmacies or Doctors: 15 Clinically Proven Herbs and Supplements

15 Clinically Proven Herbs and Supplements

Are the best medicines found in nature? Here are 15 clinically proven herbs and supplements to know about beforehand.
How to Survive Biological Warfare and a Weaponized Virus

How to Survive Biological Warfare and a Weaponized Virus

Biological warfare is one of the most terrifying and deadly forms of weapons ever devised by man. In the hands of a terrorist group, a weaponized virus could be unleashed in multiples cities in a coordinated attack, a modern day plague that wipes out millions, destroys the economy, collapses the West. That's just the beginning ...
Snakes and Survival: Can Snakes Be Eaten in a Survival Emergency?

Snakes and Survival

As a survival food, snakes can be a tasty meal; but if you encounter a poisonous snake you better know how to recognize it and then protect yourself. Here are several things to know about snakes and survival if one day soon you have to live off the land.
15 Insects You Can Eat to Survive ... and HOW

Edible insects and eating insects for survival

Which insects can be eaten? In survival it turns out there are many species of edible insects including 3 "creatures" that are not insects but a food source still the same. It's too bad no one told the Donner Party ...
Kidnapped? Hostage? Prisoner of War? How to Escape and Evade Forced Captivity

"Escape and Evasion" from enemy hands ... Learn Tactics from Special Forces SERE School ... S.E.R.E., "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape", is military training to evade capture, escape from confinement if you are captured, and survival skills. You might have to kill someone. You might have to break zip-ties, pick a lock, or create a diversion by setting something on fire...

Top 10 Survival Gear ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

The survival gear that makes this list might surprise you. Effectiveness, ease of use, "Survival Power" and finally the price all play a factor. If our nation collapses or catastrophic disaster strikes, what gear will you have on hand?

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