Could the U.S. Ever See Martial Law?

Could the U.S. ever see Martial Law? There's a lot of talk both on and offline about the danger of Martial Law taking place. That means there's a lot of concern and some it is wrapped around the big debate about gun control today. Fact is, the threat of a home owner with a gun probably makes quite a few violent criminals think twice about breaking in. Every day, throughout America, that a violent criminal doesn't break in and murder someone, that's a day that a gun has saved a life. So, guns save lives every day. Guns in the hands of criminals though, or those battling demons, mental illness, whatever you want you to call it -- that's another story. ** Update to our page: How to Survive Martial Law ** (see link above). Sound off in the comments section following the article. It would be great to hear some differing opinions on what to do, should that day ever come.

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