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How to Survive A Deadly Virus and Widespread Pandemic

Survival Guides for Large Scale Outbreak of Rapidly Spreading Disease and Biological Warfare

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How to Survive Biological Warfare and a Weaponized Virus

How to Survive Biological Warfare and a Weaponized Virus

Biological warfare is one of the most terrifying and deadly forms of weapons ever devised by man. In the hands of a terrorist group, a weaponized virus could be unleashed in multiples cities in a coordinated attack, a modern day plague that wipes out millions, destroys the economy, collapses the West. That's just the beginning ...
How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack (Weaponized Virus)

Bio-Chemical Weapons in the Hands of Terrorists

Attack on the homeland ... Hell Unleashed. What does it take to survive a series of bio-chemical attacks aimed at creating mass havoc across America?

Survive The Bird Flu

Disaster coordinators from Pacific Rim countries are discussing ways to head off a possible flu pandemic spread by human contact with birds and chickens. This influenza is called the avian flu... or more commonly known as, the Bird Flu.

1918 'Spanish Flu' - Up to 40 Million Dead

The 'Spanish Flu' of 1918 has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded history. There's nothing more frightening than a killer no one sees, and that no one seems able to stop.

How to Survive Bio-Terror

How to survive a terrorist attack with a biological weapon.

How to Survive A Bird Flu Pandemic

Learn how to survive a bird flu out break in this story by James Roberts.

How to Survive Mass Extinction

First the honeybees. Then the food chain. What's happening?