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How to Make and Install a Solar Power System

How to Make a Solar Power System

Getting Started

While there are more solar panel products on the market today, you can save yourself quite a bit of money by simply "doing it yourself".

This detailed manual will walk you through a step-by-step process of going to a major hardware store, purchasing each part that will go into your solar energy project seperately, and then how to easily assemble it so that you have a working way of producing electricity.

Once you've built your first solar panel, and see how easy it is and how cheaply you're able to do so using the instructions in this video manual, you can immediately set to work on your next solar panel project. Each one you build adds more capacity for creating power out of solar energy.

Whether you're preparing for a catastrophic disaster or just the next major ice storm or high winds that may knock power out for several days, having a solar power system means you can have power, even when everyone else's power has been knocked out.

Click here to see how easy it is to build your first solar power system.

Did You Know?

Consider how much of an asset you could be to your community if you assemble multiple solar power systems and then have these on hand in the event of a major disaster.

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