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Prepping for Disaster

Are you prepped and ready for a catastrophic disaster to strike your region? With so many threats on the horizon, learn ways you can prep yourself and your family for surviving through a number of destructive events.
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Emergency Supplies Essential to Survive Any Disaster

Emergency Supplies

What you have on hand for emergency supplies can and will most likely save your life when a major disaster hits.

The Best Survival Foods ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

Have you taken the time to consider just what makes the best survival foods for an emergency? If you only had two survival foods on hand to last you two weeks in the event of a major emergency, what would they be?

Moving Before Disaster Strikes

Moving Away From Cities Before S-H-T-F. What Are Your Plans for Moving in the Event of Sudden Disaster? (Don't Count on Calling A Moving Company At the Last Minute).

Herbal Medicine: How Knowing Medicinal Plants Can Save Your Life in an Emergency

Sam Coffman operates a survival and herbalism school in Texas. He is a former U.S. Special Forces Green Beret Medic with over 20 years experience working with medicinal plants. Here he instructs on the many uses of medicinal plants in a disaster or post-apocalypse scenario with several examples.

Secret Garden of Survival - How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest

Secret Garden of Survival - How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest. What are you and your family (and your livestock) going to eat when your food stores run out? Grow a survival garden. And how do you keep others from stealing it? Answer: A camouflaged food forest.

The Top Medicinal Plants of North America

FOUND EVERYWHERE ... Medicinal plants may be right under your feet. They may be in your backyard and all around at a local park. North America has a variety of medicinal plants that can help relieve illness, and even cure illness. Plant medicine can be an essential component of survival first aid.

Rainwater Harvesting - How to Prep for Water Shortages

Water tanks, tarps, and a few pieces of PVC pipe can go along way in a disaster. Simple rainwater harvesting systems are inexpensive and easy to build. Advanced systems cost more yet do a lot more. How to keep your family alive in the months following a catastrophic disaster.

Bulldozers - The Ultimate Doomsday Prep

Think you can drive a bulldozer? Disasters like the Tacloban Super Typhoon can pile roads with debris, dirt, mud, sewage and dead bodies. Learn how to use a bulldozer to clear debris in a natural disaster. Clearing roads with a bulldozer. Building a doomsday bunker with a bulldozer.

Top 10 High Calorie Survival Foods

How do you stock up on high calorie foods while on a budget? Calorie count, nutrition, bulk pricing, and finally shelf-life are each factors to consider. Here's a tactical look at survival foods and 5 bonus survival "superfoods".

Prepping - Are You Prepped for Doomsday?

With so many threats facing the world, preppers are becoming more common place. So, who's still not prepping? Steps to take today to be prepared for a national collapse resulting from a catastrophic disaster or mysterious, unexpected event.

Prescription Medication and the Apocalypse - You Have Every Right to Worry

Does your health rely on prescription medication? What are you going to do if a catastrophic disaster strikes and infrastructure collapses, pharmacies close down or are simply robbed and looted of everything? What if you have no access to medication refills? Steps you can take today to survive and adapt in a time of collapse.

How to Prepare for American Armageddon - Bugging In and Bugging Out

How Does a Special Forces Green Beret and survival school instructor prepare to "Bug In" and "Bug Out" before a disaster strikes? Sam Coffman, owner and instructor at The Human Path, a survival school that operates in Texas and Colorado, shares tips and strategies for making it through a catastrophic disaster or American Armageddon.

Swiss Family Robinson - 10 Ways to Build Anything

How would the Swiss Family Robinsons survive in an 'all hell breaks loose' scenario? Take a lesson in Survival Woodworking. Learn how to build anything with just a handful of tools, nails, and a few pieces of wood.

5 Tips for Short Term Prepping

When it comes to short term prepping, the devil is in the details.

Insect Harvesting: Edible Flies and Fly Larvae (Maggots) Pack a Nutritional Punch

From "Fear Factor" to the Frying Pan: Insect Harvesting and the Common House Fly. Is the developing world setting an example of what our diets could look like in future generations as more of the world turns to insect harvesting to combat food shortages?

Home Defense: Shotguns Can Stop Criminals in Their Tracks

Shotguns are renowned for stopping power. A 12 gauge shotgun has a lot of recoil, but did you know that a 20 gauge shotgun or even a teen-size shotgun can be just as effective, without the recoil? Shotguns for home defense.

Planning for a Community Emergency - Disaster Food Preparation

Each community should have a plan to storehouse food safely and be ready to feed thousands and possibly tens of thousands.

Planning for a Community Emergency - Water and Sanitation in the Days Following Disaster

The goal for every community should be to develop a contingency plan in case the very things we dread actually happen.

Communications After an EMP - Two Way Radios

Following An EMP, telephones, cell phones, and the internet will be a thing of the past. Two way radios will be a valuable tool for a few people. Learn how to protect your two way radios from the effects of an EMP as well as a communications "system" for re-connecting with loved ones.

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