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Kerosene - A Light and Heat Source in a Survival Situation

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Kerosene is an ideal fuel source to consider not only for major emergency conditions but also as a back-up for typical power failures.
An advantage of having kerosene as a fuel is that it can provide heat, light, and can also be used for cooking. Kerosene has been used worldwide for over 100 years and is currently being used as the only source of fuel by many people worldwide. It is much safer to use than gasoline, natural gas, or propane. It is basically a lubricant and is therefore not volatile or corrosive.

Storing Kerosene in Plastic or Metal Drums

Kerosene is also easily and safely stored in either plastic or metal drums. Also, store it in blue containers as red is reserved for gasoline. The two certainly don't mix.

The Kerosene we want to use is either 1-K red dye or 1-K clear. The red dye type can be purchased in large quantities (commonly called #1 stove oil) from your local fuel oil supplier or you can pump it yourself at a gas station. The 1-K clear type can be purchased at some gas stations and hardware stores. If you buy the 1-K clear from a hardware store you will pay much more for it.

The 1-K red dye kerosene can be used in kerosene heaters, cook stoves, and oil/kerosene lamps. However, if you can find the 1-K clear kerosene at a gas station at an affordable price, it is the preferred kerosene for all three applications. The clear type burns cleaner, has less odor, and results is less maintenance of heater and lamp wicks.

Advice to the wise is to store as much kerosene as practically possible. Purchase enough kerosene heaters to supply sufficient heat. Purchase a kerosene cook stove. Purchase oil/kerosene lamps; some you can set on tables, others you can hang on walls or suspend from ceilings, and others you can carry indoors or outdoors (lanterns). Purchase several extra wicks for each appliance. You can even purchase a funnel filter to remove water and debris as you fill your appliance tanks.

For more information refer to: Kerosene Fuel Primer

A Note About Potential Dangers of Kerosene:

What Are the Dangers of Kerosene Heaters?

How to Use and Maintain Kerosene Lamps

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