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Prepping for Disaster
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Self Defense
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Survival Resources

How to Survive a Post Apocalypse

Anything can happen in a land without laws or organized government.

Detailed tips on what it may take to survive in a land where crime and violence are rampant, stores have closed down, and the only food you have is either what you stored before hand, or what you can grow, find, or barter for.

Top Stories

The Top 10 Survival Gear ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

Top 10 Survival Gear

The survival gear that makes this list might surprise you. Effectiveness, ease of use, "Survival Power" and finally the price all play a factor. If our nation collapses, or catastrophic disaster strikes, the right survival gear can save your life.
21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

21 Survival Skills That Can Save Your Life

Do you have the survival skills to survive in a post-collapse world with no police, no laws, and no government? Here are 21 survival skills to learn now ... as well as several ways to apply these skills ... when all Hell breaks loose.
The Top 10 Prepper Supplies

The Top 10 Prepper Supplies

The prepper supplies that make this list may stun a lot of readers. Food and water are useless if you don't have any security. Here's a list that may change the way you look at prepper supplies...
Top 7 Reasons for Bugging Out from Economic Collapse or Catastrophic Disaster

Top 7 Reasons for Bugging Out

Think you're safe out in the surburbs? Think again. A major disaster including a wave of homegrown terrorists with chemical bombs will make several regions dangerous places to live. Major universities, government buildings, shopping malls, business districts, police stations ... these are some of the first areas likely to be hit and if you live ANYWHERE nearby where winds can carry toxic smoke you better have a plan for bugging out.
How Crucial is a Bug Out Bag? Critical Supplies You Need to Bug Out from Economic Collapse or Catastrophic Disaster

Bug Out Bag Critical Supplies

Critical supplies and several bug out tactics for your vehicle and your Bug Out Bag both.

How to Survive Anarchy and a Collapse of America

Anarchy and America's Collapse

In a real-world Hunger Games, life will be all about survival. Society turned upside down. Riots. Looting. Anarchy. It's going to take a lot more than just a few survival tools to stay alive in a catastrophe of this magnitude. Today I hope to point you in the right direction. This just might keep you alive.
How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization

Collapse of Civilization

Total social breakdown. Major cities gone. The complete collapse of civilization. How will you survive in a land with no government or local police? Communities, survivors left to fend for themselves.
Top 10 Supplies to Scavenge in a Post Apocalypse

Where will you go for fuel, supplies, water, weapons and food after your own supplies run out?
How to Live Off the Land

How to Live Off the Land

How to Live off the Land if a complete breakdown of society ever occurs. (2016 "Red Dawn" Survival Guide updated with new techniques and breakthrough gear). If America collapses you're going to need a back-up plan for survival.

How to Survive in a Violent Post Apocalypse: Military Tactics for Survival

How to Survive in a Violent Post Apocalypse: Military Tactics for Survival

Are you ready for a rise of outlaw gangs, sex traders, and supply raiders? This isn't the Old West. This is America or the UK, Canada, or Australia following a complete societal collapse. Better know how to survive -- because outlaw gangs, murderous raiders and "highwaymen" are coming. They will hunt you and they will kill you...

U.S. Army Ranger Airborne Combat Medics: Apocalypse Trauma Aid and Medical Kits, Post-Collapse

Apocalypse Trauma First Aid and Medicine: Lessons from Army Airborne Combat Medics

Army Airborne Combat Medics share first hand tips on providing medicine and emergency combat medical aid in a post apocalypse environment. Includes life-saving tips for common life-threatening and traumatic injuries as well as recommendations for combat ready medical supplies.
How to Survive A U.S. Government Collapse

How to Survive A U.S. Government Collapse

'Designated Survivor' Becomes New President and Dies in Second Terrorist Attack. What would America look like without ANY leadership? Just how extensive would a government collapse reach?
Top 5 Doomsday Preps for "Sheltering in Place"

Top 5 Doomsday Preps for Sheltering in Place

Food Shortages, civil unrest ... It's coming. How to get started on serious prepping and be a lot better prepared for catastrophic events when they strike.
Top 10 Deadly Events Where "Fight or Flight" Can Save Your Life

Fight or Flight: Survival Fitness

Following an apocalyptic disaster, here's a frightening look at ten terrible, yet LIKELY events we need to get ready to run from (if we're still here that is). If you're not quick on your feet, good news from the world of fitness ... here's how you can get more fit at any age.
How to Survive a Famine


Severe drought or weather, natural disaster, or a man-made catastrophe like an EMP can bring on food shortages, and famine, followed by starvation. Millions go hungry. Countless people die. Survival secrets to surviving a famine -- and the supplies to get now.

Secret Stockpile: First Steps to a 1-Year Stockpile

Secret Stockpile: First Steps to a 1-Year Stockpile

Should you stockpile? Here is a complete guide to stockpiling for disaster. What you need. What you don't need. What you should absolutely have. Discover the secrets to stockpiling ...
The Six Enemies of Your Doomsday Stockpile

Six Enemies of Your Doomsday Stockpile

Looters, infected rodents, and worse -- The enemies of your stockpile have been around for thousands of years, and destroyed more food than one could possibly estimate.
The Best Remote Survival Retreats in a Post Collapse World

Best Remote Survival Retreats

How do you get your hands on a good remote survival retreat?
Top 10 Emergency First Aid Supplies ... When All Hell Breaks Loose

Top 10 Emergency First Aid Supplies

Stock your backpack, vehicle, and home with these top 10 tools for emergency first aid survival. Essential first aid supplies that can make the difference between life and death.
SHTF in the Desert
How to Survive in the Desert - After the Collapse of the U.S.

Desert survival following a complete collapse. Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and major Texas cities in flames.

The Top 15 Primitive Weapons for the Apocalypse

Primitive Weapons

If terrorist attacks, a solar flare, or other widespread disaster destroy our nation's power grid and knock us back to the 1800s, how would we survive? Primitive weapons may be the answer.
22 Primitive Survival Tools and Weapons ... That Changed History

Primitive Tools and Weapons

If you're ever thrown back into a primitive way of life, will you have the tools and weapons to survive?

Here are 22 primitive tools and weapons to add to your survival arsenal... These tools and weapons are game changers and can save your life in a survival emergency!

SHTF - What's Your "Plan B" for Surviving SHTF?

Anarchy and America's Collapse

Do you have a backup plan (Plan B) for when your preps go up in smoke? When everything fails, and everything goes wrong fast? Introducing "Plan B"... Get the Hell Out of Dodge. Included: 10 Factors to Seriously Consider When Drafting a "Plan B" for SHTF.
Top 10 Survival Seeds

Top 10 Best Survival Seeds

What are the best survival seeds to plant that can help feed you and your family through an extended emergency? Preparing for a disaster, what are the top survival seeds that can grow with minimal effort?

How to Survive the End of the World

How to Survive the End of the World

Will it be zombies, a black hole, supervolcano, global nuclear war, a Holy God, an asteroid impact or a new Top 10 Armageddon Fear that brings the world to an end? Survival Tips for the End of the World.

Specialized Tools for Post-Apocalypse Survival
Primus OmniLite Ti Multi-fuel Stove - A Review

Chosen a "Top 5 Survival Tool of the Year" by Popular Science, the OmniLite Ti Stove by Primus can burn several common types of fuel -- gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel (just to name a few)-- surviving in a post-apocalypse, this may be the best invention yet. Here's why.

Economic Collapse Horror Stories

America's economy and government have fallen. A wave of violence and property crime crashes over every major city. As the days and weeks pass, the dangers to citizens increase and spread to the suburbs and small towns as criminals roam far and wide in order to survive. Rape (including group rape), abductions, and murder become a daily threat. Here's how to survive.

Self Defense
Secrets of Hand to Hand Combat
When Survival Comes Down to "Fight or Flight"
How to Win a Fight with Your Bare Hands

Violent crime can happen just about anywhere -- this is when you need serious self defense. From a sudden home invasion and attempted rape, to a mugging on a street as you're walking home one evening, to sudden mob violence taking place in a time of civil unrest. Knowing how to defend yourself against an attacker or multiple attackers may one day save your life.

The End of Days / Bible Scenarios / Armageddon
Survival Guide for the End Times and Armageddon
Christian Beliefs About the End Times Including the Rapture

Could the end of the world occur in our lifetime? Are prophecies from the Bible about the last days before the coming kingdom of Christ coming true today?



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1. Disaster Preparedness

Natural Disasters
Economic Collapse
Survival Gear
2. Food Shortage and Riots


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4. Situational Awareness

Survival Instinct
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