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1. Disaster Preparedness

Natural Disasters
Economic Collapse
Survival Gear
2. Food Shortage & Riots

Prepping for Disaster
3. Self Defense & Home Security

Self Defense
4. Survival Skills

Wilderness Survival
5. Situational Awareness

Survival Instinct
6. Global Threats

Nuclear Attack
EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)
Geo-Political Threats
Terrorist Attack
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7. Social Collapse

Martial Law
Post Apocalypse
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Survival Resources

Survival: Self Defense

Secrets of Hand to Hand Combat for Men and Women.

Self defense tactics to survive a home invasion, armed robbery, attempted kidnapping and or rape, and even self defense for civil unrest.

(Video: Krav Maga Combat Training Techniques for Self Defense)

Top Stories

Hand to Hand Combat: How to Fight Like Jason Bourne

Hand to Hand Combat

The UFC makes MMA look like the ultimate fighting system, but it's not. MMA is for the ring. Hand to hand combat is for the special forces and intelligent services, trained to take down attackers (and even take lives) in just seconds.
Bruce Lee's Deadly Strikes and Self Defense on the Street

Bruce Lee's Deadly Strikes and Self Defense

The Navy SEALs and CIA both are trained in brutal, effective, simple martial arts strikes -- many of these moves tracing their origins back to Bruce Lee. Ready to learn a few moves? These just might save your life one day.
15 Tactics for Self Defense that Can Save Your Life

Self Defense

One day soon you may have to defend yourself against an armed, dangerous attacker. Many people freeze in the face of danger -- and die -- or are simply beaten, (women can be raped) and left for dead. Are you ready for a face off with a violent assailant? Here are 15 tactics to help you escape with your life.
Is Your Family Safe from Home Invasion? How to Safeguard Your Home from Intruders

DIY Home Security: Safeguard Your Home from Intruders

Civil emergencies and post collapse crime will mean break-ins, robberies, hostage taking, rapes and murders. Here are several DIY home security safeguards and tips to have in place before a true civil emergency.
3 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons That Can Save Your Life

3 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons That Can Save Your Life

Not everyone carries a firearm; also, guns aren't allowed in gun-free zones; finally, children can't carry guns. This is when you need non-lethal self defense weapons that can paralyze, blind, or injure an attacker -- even a terrorist.

How to Survive a Violent Home Invasion

Home invasions and robberies are taking place more and more in the suburbs. Home invasions can end in death, hostage taking, beatings, and sometimes rape. Here are several tips for making it out alive.
10 Low-Cost Home Defense Tactics You Can Implement Today

10 Low-Cost Home Defense Tactics

Civil unrest can create a wave of violent crime and home invasion robberies. Here are 10 low cost home defense tactics you can implement right now to protect your family and preps.
Self Defense in a Crises: Taking Out an Attacker Using Combat Secrets from Krav Maga and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

Self Defense in a Crises

Fight expert Matt Numrich lays out several key principles from Krav Maga and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do that you can start using today to transform your ability to defend yourself. He has trained members of multiple branches of the armed forces, including officers in the ATF and soldiers in the Army and Navy.
Israeli Defense Force: Urban Combat Tips for Surviving a Shooting

Tips for Surviving a Shooting

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) trains, and prepares for situations such as active shooters for urban situations. What can we learn from the IDF? Several things.
How to Survive a School Shooting: FIGHTING BACK

How to Survive a School Shooting

School shootings are on the increase. But do so many children actually have to die? What does it mean to use "security tactics" against an armed shooter? Can teens and college students out think a lone gunman with an assault rifle, and take him down, using defensive tactics? The Special Forces use security tactics. Drug cartels use security tactics. Students can use security tactics also.

Reality Martial Arts: Immobilizing and Lethal Strikes of Special Forces

Reality Martial Arts Lethal Strikes of Special Forces

How would you like to end a fight before it even starts? What does it mean to have a tactical response? What parts of the body offer fast ways to immobilize an attacker?
Ghetto Beat Down: Security Tactics for Hand to Hand Urban Combat

What does it take to give your attackers a beating they'll never forget? How tactical thinking and a fearless plan of attack can win a fight against multiple attackers in just seconds.

Russian Commando Beat Down: How to Win a Fight With Your Bare Hands - Combat Sambo for Self Defense

Sambo is a Russian martial art and combat sport. Combat sambo is a highly effective, yet "simple" system for beating an attacker, or even multiple attackers. Combat sambo has been taught and practiced by Russian secret service and law enforcement, including the KGB and special army officers (commandos).
How to Survive an Armed Robbery

American cities are becoming increasingly dangerous. Learn how to survive an increase in armed robberies. Defensive tactics, psychological strategies and intelligent thinking can help you escape being a victim of an armed robbery.
15 Ways to Survive and Escape a Riot Without a Scratch

15 Ways to Survive and Escape a Riot Without a Scratch

It's a scene of SHTF chaos. Large riots can suddenly become a place of carnage and mob beatings. Here's how to escape with your life and a proven way to even turn the tables on a few rioters. Learn 10 ways to escape a riot and ... 7 specific tips for women to avoid being targeted and dragged away by a rapist.
The Top Decoys to Scare off Crooks

The decoys for deterring burglars (and criminals in general) that make this list could save your life or protect your home from burglary or home invasion, or even looting following civil unrest. Decoys inspired by CIA and law enforcement experts.

How to Survive a Dog Attack

Whether its your neighbor's two Pit Bulls, a loose Rottweiler or Presa Canario, or a pack of wild dogs, survival tactics can make the difference between life and death in a dog attack.
Shocking Wolf Attacks - Surviving a Wolf Attack

Wolf Attacks

Wolves are back after successful re-introduction efforts in multiple parts of the U.S. Booming numbers of Northern Gray Wolf packs are bringing increased clashes with humans and the occasional horror stories.


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1. Disaster Preparedness

Natural Disasters
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Survival Gear
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3. Survival Skills

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Survival Instinct
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