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How to Survive a Tornado Apocalypse

How to Survive a Tornado Apocalypse
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A nightmare is on the horizon. Across the valley multiple massive tornadoes are spiraling down from the sky.
This shouldn't be happening, but you're not surprised that it is. Not with the large number of natural disasters that continue to strike in the world. Some say it's a changing climate. Many say it's the hand of God.

Someone is right and someone is wrong. Perhaps it's a lot like the days when people believed the earth was flat, and a few believed the earth was round. Someone was right and someone was wrong. Which group would you have been in? Probably like most people, you would have believed the world was flat, because that's what you had simply believed all or most of your life.

Are you ready to consider that the world may possibly be round?

Warning: Tornado Chaos in Non-Tornado Zones

Are you ready to consider that it's not a changing climate that's quite to blame for the increase of natural disasters striking the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Instead, consider this ... maybe it's the hand of God.

Before you shake your head, and blow this off, here's something else for you to consider...

Many Christians, especially those in traditional evangelical Christian churches, believe that the world is living in the end times. That includes a small number of people who work in government, probably more than one in the White House and Pentagon, those of course with Bible-based Christian beliefs.

The "end times" are spoken about from pulpits, discussed in Bible studies, and even presented on radio / talk shows, and of course Christian television shows.

Beliefs about the end times affect policies that some world leaders are making right now -- even those in Islamic nations, such as Iran, though their beliefs are from the Koran, not the Bible -- and here in America, these beliefs even effect many contemplating on whether or not the U.S. should side with or against Israel -- a country long at the center of much of Bible prophecy.

But what does this really mean?

What it means is this -- if we're in the end times -- everything we think we know about natural disasters -- and tornadoes -- may be about to be turned on it's head.

It means that things such as predictable disasters are suddenly going to be unpredictable.

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Such as a tsunami that strikes a coast, and causes a nuclear meltdown, and the mass evacuation of cities. Sound familiar? On top of all the recent natural disasters, no one expected this to take place in the modern day, causing a massive nuclear meltdown and evacuation of much of the Japan coastline.

More and more major population centers are in growing danger of a disaster striking -- a tornado apocalypse and even several tornado apocalypses taking place across the nation, which most people simply are not prepared for.

Why is God Upset?

The world must look to the Bible. It is there that we get an understanding of where the world came from, why it's here, and where it's going. Mankind is told thousands of years ago how much it will grow (written down by "Daniel", an Old Testament prophet), and how big some of the nations will become (even becoming a world super power). It's at that time of expansive growth in the world that much evil is also shown to take place. The evil is a result of the "curse" God has put on the earth, after the fall of Adam and Eve, who disobeyed God in the garden of Eden. We have sin. Sin corrupts people, and as a result lies, theft, betrayal, violence, sexual immorality, rape, molestation, suicide, and murder infect the population. It gets worse. Bestiality. Gang rape. Incest. Torture. Atrocities. Genocide.

With a pile of horrible sins, the world stands guilty before God. Now, his people (Christians, or "followers of Christ") understand why God is justified in bringing judgement to the earth. Those Christians who have learned to trust in God welcome these coming judgements. They want an end to sin. They want God and his courts to reign over the earth. These Christians are not going to shake their fist at God when judgements strike the earth (as many are said to do in the Bible), instead they're likely to recognize that God has an incredible plan for redeeming the earth, and freeing the world from the curse of sin, and destroying the evil that is in the world. But many are going to die in the process.

And so the pages of the Bible turn, and take us to the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

Are we in Revelation right now?

You might find yourself wondering just that as you spot massive tornadoes in the distance, perhaps you live in the hills with a view of a major city like Los Angeles, Portland, or Seattle. Or perhaps you live on the East Coast and in the suburbs of Boston, New York City, or Philadelphia.

You've only seen massive tornadoes on television news reports, when communities, states, and regions have been laid waste, even in the last few months.

You know that residents in the city now being laid waste are living through a time of terror, and many are losing their lives. You count five, no, make that six tornadoes, three of them are moving in your general direction inland, the direction away from the coast.

Fear and terror grip your family. You don't live in a tornado zone. You don't have a basement with a locking door that you and your family can flee to, and escape the destruction from above.

Your neighbors haven't secured their homes and trailers, their barbecues, or children's toy equipment that dot lawns. All of these FEMA reports are missiles waiting to be launched, waiting to destroy and take lives. It's loose items such as these that are said to be the most dangerous in a tornado.

Surviving the Tornadoes

Living in a non-tornado zone, most homes just don't have the places of protection, such as a "safe room" that has been built within a home to withstand a tornado, and so families are going to have to make due with improvising. It's reported that laying in a bath tub can offer some protection, though of course it's not always guaranteed. Plus you wouldn't want to lay in a bath tub on the top floor of your home. Instead, experts advise for you to choose the lowest floor to seek shelter.

An adult and a small child can squeeze into an empty bathtub together, and just hope (and pray) that the tornado will not take their lives. If possible, pull a mattress and blankets into the bathroom with you, and cover yourselves, to help protect from flying debris.

Another area recommended by experts is a small closet, on the ground floor, within the interior of your home, where you're also advised to cover yourself with a blanket (or anything you can get your hands on) to protect from flying debris. Avoid a room in your home where large appliances are in the room above. Should the floor collapse as the house sways on it's foundations, those appliances could come down on you.

Look for a Nearby Ditch or Culvert

There may be a ditch just outside your home, with a large "pipe" running under your driveway, called a culvert.

Or perhaps there's a culvert just a block or two away, a larger one (culverts in many neighborhoods have a smaller opening than culverts often in the rural areas, or those outside a housing development). These most often carry water run-off, that drains into ditches; sometimes these pipes are open, with nothing blocking them, other times they may be blocked by a grate of some sort. Many in neighborhoods are just big enough for children to crawl into, and as far as adults go, there's probably enough space for most "average" weight adults to slide in backwards, preferably face down so as to cover their heads with their arms from possible flying debris that may come inside. As you flee for a culvert, right now is not the time to worry about claustrophobia, which a few might feel crawling into such a confined space. Nor is it time to worry about the mud or pollution run off -- it's time to survive, and get you and your children to a safe place.

If no culvert is handy, or if there's simply no room in a culvert because other people have taken shelter there, lying down in a narrow ditch is said to also offer some protection.

Tornado Shelter: Build a Tornado Ditch

I once worked in construction, and had to go through training as a laborer to join the Union as I sought employment with a concrete company. One of the things we did in training was dig a small ditch, and square the sides, and to do it within a short period of time: five minutes or less, if I recall.

Fact is this: If a standard ditch can offer some protection, consider that a person can dig themselves a better ditch, one that's a bit deeper and more confined, with vertical sides, than any ditch that runs in front of your home.

With just a pick and a shovel you can be two feet deep and six feet in length in just a few short minutes, and now you have a very narrow, confined ditch you can take shelter in.

You could dig a few of these ditches weeks or months before hand (one for each member of your family), and even prep some plywood, ready to be used after you've crawled into your ditch to take shelter. Next (or in advance), slide the plywood in over your head so that it locks into grooves you dig into the ground.

With plywood locked in over your head, with you sheltered underneath in this ditch you've dug, you now have even more protection from the wind, which would hopefully simply pass right over you.

Keep in mind you could end up with something large and heavy (like a car or roof) on top of your location, so that is a danger.

Be sure to grab any emergency kits you've prepared for a tornado strike, and have each member of your family take food and water inside these tornado shelters.

If you find yourself trapped by tornado debris, hopefully someone later conducting a ground search will hear your shouts for help and come to the rescue. If you're carrying a cell phone when the tornado strikes, try calling someone after the danger has passed.

Fleeing from a Tornado in Your Car

If you're in the open country, and see a tornado, it's advised by the National Weather Service to simply drive away from the tornado. Surprisingly, overpasses are said to not be a safe place to take shelter. If the tornado comes close, the National Weather Service advises people instead to get out of their vehicle and seek out a ditch or culvert.

Preparing for a Tornado: Building a Tornado Shelter

If you've got the funds, and recognize that yes, this could be the hand of God at work in the world, and that non-traditional areas are now very likely places for a massive tornado (or series of massive tornadoes) to strike, you could consider doing what many people in Mid-West states have already done: Build a tornado shelter within your home.

Maybe it's a smart thing to do anyway, as this shelter could have multiple uses. Maybe it's a place that's safe to go to in an earthquake, if you're only seconds away from it. It could be a place that you keep stocked with emergency food and water, and survival supplies, for coming out ok in the aftermath of the disaster.

Talk to companies in the Mid-West about tornado shelter building, and then put them in touch with your contractor. Just maybe you'll add a little more value to your home, and if you do one day sell, a tornado shelter might be something that appeals to your buyer.

Metal Storage Container

One creative, possibly cheaper method would be to purchase a large metal storage container, often seen carried off ships at port and then transferred on to semi-trucks for shipment to warehouses. Businesses, schools, churches and even a few residents (such as people who work in construction) sometimes use these containers as secure storage sheds, due to their size and strength, and that they lock, and hold a lot of equipment.

A large hole could be dug out on your property with a back hoe (such as digging a swimming pool), and this metal storage container simply set inside, and then dirt and new lawn put right over the top. Outfit your container with a top entrance and ladder, and you have an instant tornado shelter / safe room, and perhaps even a place for the kids to play when no storms are present. (Of course your municipality may require permits for something along these lines.)

More Disasters on the Horizon?

Most likely. Whether it's a tsunami, hurricane, massive earthquake, volcano, or horrific series of destructive tornadoes, we're simply likely to see more of these. If the world is in the "end times" according to the Bible, these disasters are likely to strike near major population centers, and more and more lives are likely to be lost.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 - Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything
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