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Nuclear Armageddon: How the U.S. Underestimates the Threat from North Korea

Kim Jong Un is a sociopath with barbaric executions and an arsenal of at least 60 nuclear warheads. North Korea's goal? Potential U.S. destruction and an 'American Holocaust' resulting in tens of millions of Americans dead and a power-grid completely destroyed.

What's left of the U.S. will be back in the stone age...

US Underestimates Threat from North Korea
by Tom Brennan, Copyright ©
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Do we wait for North Korea to wipe out several U.S. cities before we do anything about it?
By then it's probably too late.

One if By Land, Two if By Sea...

Shocking Events, Outrageous Threats, Rapid Development of an Aggressive Military

Every day the news from North Korea becomes more shocking. From recent threats to attack Guam, a United States territory, to increased missile and ICBM tests, including one over the Japanese Island Hokkaido, to the announcement of testing a miniaturized Hydrogen bomb warhead. The rapid pace of development, the unpredictable supreme leader, and an aggressive military make for a nightmare scenario.
The world has been "taken by surprise" that North Korea has at least 60 nuclear warheads including miniaturized warheads to place on newly developed ICBM's. They also have an operational missile launching submarine. A recent confrontation with the United States and threats to attack Guam put the world on edge. Can North Korea launch a nuclear attack on America? How would they do it? And what would be the result?

The Dynasty and the Nation of North Korea

North Korea is a vast black hole. Little of the outside world gets in and then only what the ruling party wants out gets out. Kim Jong Un and the ruling family of the world's most isolated nuclear power have kept the nation isolated from most of the world. Over 90% of the nation's power generating supplies come from China and most of its weapons technology is Chinese in origin.
Ruthless and an apparent sociopath, Kim Jong Un has ordered barbaric executions of family members and anyone even suspected of being a threat to his power. Even details of his life including his age and education are topics of secrecy and controversy. The government run media is a '60's throwback. There are severe penalties for any opposition (no internet, news or outside media). There is a permanent personality cult attached to North Korea's leaders. The North Korean GNP is wholly devoted to the military, increasing the wealth of rulers and friends. The citizens mostly live in degrees of poverty.

America under attack

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The Sinpo missile submarine has been a shocking development and game-changer. Despite the reality of being a decade or more behind current missile submarines and non-nuclear, it can launch a missile while submerged and because of the post-Cold War drop in US Navy ASW warfare capability, it is a serious concern. The ICBM which the ship has been designed to launch has failed several tests but the dramatic increase in North Korean activity and weapons development has been a shock to US and allied plans. Instead of years to operational deployment as previously thought. it may be months instead.

After the dissolution of the USSR, Naval strategy switched to support for the Iraq and Middle East missions and the system that had monitored Soviet submarine movements was largely demobilized as was much intelligence in the Atlantic.

The resurgence of a new Russian fleet and an increasing Chinese presence in many regions has proven this to be a serious error. Fleet readiness is also a concern with the mind-boggling recent ship collisions in the Far East. The Navy is now short of two of its best destroyers, The USS Fitzgerald and the USS John McCain. The Navy's emphasis on technology over traditional seamanship has resulted in a serious vulnerability trough "hacking" and interference with GPS-based navigation systems. The serious gap in surveillance, response and fleet readiness makes the extreme danger posed by the Sinpo Class submarines (several are under construction), a serious concern.

Another possible way to deliver a nuclear attack is by use of a containership with a mobile missile launcher. These land based launchers are standard equipment in many armies and recently the Israelis carried out a test where a mobile launcher on a containership fired a medium range missile successfully. The equipment to overcome issues such as navigation and compensation for ship roll and movement are now overcome. A North Korean attack could come from fairly close offshore. Ship traffic in the Pacific is heavy and contained ships are almost a universal means of transportation from Asia. The US Navy is at its lowest point since the 1930's and it will take billions of dollars and almost a decade to rebuild the fleet. The rapid advances made by North Korea, China and Russia have made this goal totally unrealistic.

The weapon

Kim Jong Un is dangerous. Recent launching of missiles that flew over Japan is proof of the risk-taking dictator's aggressive nature. Plans are still on record for launches against Guam. Many are still amazed at the exceedingly rapid advance of NK's missile and ICBM technology. It is no longer a matter of years but months before the capability to deliver nuclear warheads is an operational reality. But Kim Jong Un is not a fool. If he were to launch an attack on the United States the end of North Korea as a certainty. But working with collaboration could eliminate the USA from any possible defense or response and place the country in a totally subservient role for years and decades.

The secretive alliance with Iran has resulted in mutual benefits for both dictatorships. Missile advancement, guidance and other technology and the alarming development of nuclear weapons and miniaturization of warheads, including now a hydrogen bomb, are realities. We can only assume that Iran has received nuclear warheads as part of this unholy alliance.

The electro-magnetic–pulse weapon (EMP) is perhaps more devastating that an all our nuclear missile attack. The EMP effect could render the digitized energy and power ability of most of the North American continent totally ineffective.

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No communications, energy, transportation or any of the most vital resources for survival would be available. The nation of 350 million would see up to 90%of its population die within a matter of weeks as food supplies run out, riots and infighting break out in cities and disease spreads unchecked. Only those who could exist in a world of 1850's technology and agriculture would survive.

The EMP-effect weapon would be the most effective if launched close to the target. Any anti-missile defense depends on a certain amount of waning time and land based missiles could be tracked by current systems. Launching from a submerged submarine or containership with mobile launcher would almost eliminate any warning and the EMP effect would be devastating. The recent series of ship collisions, if caused by navigation error, show how the high-tech Navy can be seriously hurt by interruption of digital systems. A 24 hour halt in worldwide operations was ordered that effectively put the US Navy "out of order".

A multinational occupation force could administer the former world power and export its natural resources for its own home countries. Small pockets of independent and resistant communities would persist by using steam powered technology for energy.

North Korea is an outlaw nation, but works secretly with the despotic rulers of Iran. Iran's global strategy of compelling the world to submit to its concept of Islam and The Mahdi. Combined with the erratic behavior of Kim Jong Un, this makes North Korea's chances of success by using its "less is best" options more likely. Instead of starting a nuclear war with the USA, it could in one swift act, remove the nation from its 21st century leadership status to that of an 1850 frontier.

How to prepare for what may come

Options for resolving the North Korea (and Iran) threat of attack are limited by several factors. For one, the military options if used will open up the door to a worldwide conflict. Russia and China are still connected in many ways to North Korea. The Iranian partnership in nuclear weapons development is still largely unknown as Iran persists in violating the recent Obama "deal". Kim Jong Un's paranoid nature and risk taking keep experts on edge. What then can responsible believes do?

The Bible is full of warnings about wars and rumors of wars. We are told to be ready and have oil in our lamps. Events will be out of our hands but our survival is up to us. Develop a plan for technology-limited living. Obtaining a collection of sturdy hand tools, knowing ways to make shelter, learning how to find food and exist in a world our pioneer ancestors found in the 1850's will see those with faith and strength through what will come.

Start now and research (we have several articles on that can walk you through the essentials of being prepared). You'll learn hundreds of essential steps and preps, including steps to take to store large stocks of food and water beforehand, and then you'll also learn about security steps to consider for your home and community.

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You'll also learn what you can start doing today to develop the skills to keep your family, friends and fellow believers alive in the dangerous times that seem sure to be coming.

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